1. #tbt to the sunrise from my bedroom window the other day. #charleston

  2. I avoid getting into some things because I know how tough it will be to get back out of them.

  3. The thing about you and me, is that we snack differently. (at Mansionette)

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    Unnecessary Explosions.

    *Hmmm, that’s a genre of GIF I hadn’t seen before

  6. Made a garden today. #thisismenow #boutthatlife (at Mansionette)

  7. Sunset from my rooftop today. #charleston (at Mansionette)

  8. Sunset, front porch edition. #charleston

  9. Bright sunset, dark room. #charleston

  10. I love my porch and the people who sit on it. (at The Big Pink House)

  11. Me and @heavyaesthetics on the dock for a sweet cookout with @heavywon @bettyshocker and the wonderful @egerman32. #charleston

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    Norma Jean // Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste

    if u don’t like this song ur lying stop lying to urself

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